1. "Which goes to say, that in one-on-one competitions, be they MMA/judo/jiu jitsu, or even tennis, you test yourself, face obstacles and fail, then adjust your approach, fail again, train smarter, succeed, fail, succeed, etc.

    And that’s the secret sauce for life: fail, fail, fail, and finally, if you don’t quit, eventually triumph.” 

    Competing in jiu jitsu is the ultimate high, Fightland. 

  2. "Yes, of course, this is the end. I’m thinking to myself, ‘Why did you step back into the Octagon after the beating that Rory MacDonald gave you?’ And the reason is, I really needed to find out. If I didn’t make this night happen for myself, I would have always wondered. I would have gone back and forth and begged [UFC president] Dana [White] to let me get back in. I guess I needed some closure."

    - BJ Penn